What is the difference between your service and other services?

We differ from other traditional cloud storage services. Usual cloud storage services charge by the number of accounts; however, that does not fully reflect the storage space or usage of the cloud storage. Your company can start with cheaper plans and purchase higher plans after adopting more storage usage.

What if I want to have storage bigger than 50GB or 100GB?

Yes! Although our plans are fixed, but you can purchase additional storage with 1GB increments. You can purchase the cloud storage that you actually use.

Is there free trial?

Yes! We offer one month free trial service, you can decide to buy or not after the one month has past.

What is resumable upload? Do other services have it?

Resumable upload is when your upload is interrupted, you can continue your upload after your network is resumed. This feature is not available in most of the cloud storage service; however, we offer this feature for users to upload large files in unstable network environments.

What is the shortest contract duration? Can I purchase for one month?

Yes! You can contract CloudFiles with one-month contract. However, we offer cheaper one year contracts for you. Please contact us if you are interested.

Do you provide your software on-premise?

If you are using a Linux OS server, we do offer on-premise software file managing system. Please contact us for the retail price.

Do you have App for smart mobile devices?

Sorry, but we currently don't have App in neither GooglePlay or AppStore. However, we do provide Responsive webpage known as the PWA (Progressive Web App) for a App-like experience. Please refer to the instruction here: Do you have mobile Application on GooglePlay (Android) or AppStore(iOS)?

Where do you host your cloud storage?

We use the Amazon's AWS service. We mainly use EC2 and S3 stable services, you can securely and conveniently store your files with us.