All the functions your team needs for a cloud file sharing system.

User Login

Customizable login page allowing Single-Sign On (SSO) with other services.
All user logins are logged.

File Interface

Allows users to view files as if viewing on their local clients.
Directory Structure
File size and editted date
Rename, move or delete files

Optimized Uploads

Resumable upload (can be interrupted)
Drag & drop
Upload progress

Team Files

Can see and collaborate files with other team members.
Read-only or write permission
File author
Sharing a folder will automatically share folders and files under it.

Mobile Devices

Responsive screen allowing users to access files from any device.

File History

Upload, edit or download are all recorded in logs
Download files are also recorded
Allowing users to track file downloads.


Administrator can add unlimited number of users. No Extra Fees.

User Management

Admin can manage each user account:
Storage quota, permission or reset password
Enable or disable account

Top Security

Admin can enable whitelist IP4 to prevent access from external network. OTP allow users to access securely from external office network.

File Search

Users can search files by file name or file type. Don't need to worry about too many files.